Starting the Self Employed Dream

I’ve wanted to be self employed for a long time now, but getting my head around it took some getting used to. For several years, I’ve worked full time and had to cram writing and related tasks into my free time, often feeling guilty when I’ve had free time and not spent it writing.

When I was packing my things up to move, I felt sad seeing boxes of old computer games lying around and wishing I could play them again. It took me longer than it should have to realise that I can (and should) write during the day when I was previously working for other people, freeing up my evenings again to relax. I almost face palmed hard enough to knock myself out.

Having this free time is a double bonus. I worked out a while ago that I shouldn’t feel guilty for playing computer games, as the down time to relax is important, and they really help me to keep my creativity flowing by showing me the imagination of other people in a different medium to writing. Now I have the free time to push on and do the things that I’ve wanted to for a long time, study the things that I’ve been interested in but not had the time to focus on – and I can write as well!

Already this year I’ve managed to get into a routine learning another language, Japanese, and it’s going great. I’ve found an archery course that starts in May, and I can’t wait to get back into it again after a false start last year. Hiking, martial arts, photography and even learning more calligraphy that I loved so much when I was younger.

I wanted to be free when I became self employed, and I had no idea how amazing that would feel, or how much freedom it would actually give me. Even better, the double bonus mentioned before is that these are all things that I love and I’m passionate about. This will not only make me a happier person, but also give me a stronger understanding of each of them to be able to include them into the stories that I write.

It’s amazing how connected it all feels.

While talking about going self employed over the last few months, I’ve been told several times that the joy of working for yourself is being able to do what you love and get paid for it. It’s easy to laugh and brush that off as a dream, but as I’m finding out, if you push and chase your dream with determination and hard work, it really can be a reality.

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